Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Using Your Website To Effectively Promote Your Non Profit Organization

Your website is the home of your organization on the Internet and nothing is more important than making sure it attracts your followers.  More specifically, your site has to excite your target audience (not users in general, but the folks you need to engage to move your mission forward) to  facilitate the type of actions and interactions you want…  such as online giving, contacting your organization for more information, registering for a program or signing a petition.

It is harder to figure out how to donate money online than it is to spend it online.  Online giving typically takes users 7% more time than making an online purchase.  It’s even harder to volunteer time, or to give away things.

The key to motivating users to give online (or to pursue donating items or volunteering), is to make sure your content is compelling and show’s your organization’s “unique value proposition” or what their gift will be used.  One of the ways this can be accomplished is by personalizing your organizations work with photos and video showing the good work you are doing.

Once you convince your followers to support your programs it is important that you make it easy for them to immediately make the donation.  This can be accomplished by having an easy to use and secure link to your online account or pay pal connection.  If the process is not easy and quick the donor becomes frustrated and frequently gives up.
It is important to remember that your organization’s website is its home and it is important to make guests welcome in this home. 

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