Thursday, May 10, 2012


Most business experts consider referrals as the major source for new clients in most business sectors.  Prospects that are referred to you are usually good quality prospects and are easy to convert to new client.
It is imperative for businesses to have an active and specific strategy to consistently generate referrals.  One of the best ways to get referrals is to ask for them from existing clients, colleagues and personal contacts.  When you ask for referrals it is important to remember:

§  Review your client list and choose those clients who are very happy with the services you are providing.

§  Remind clients of why they sought out your services and ask them if they know of anyone with similar needs.

§  Keep in contact with former clients so and make sure that they remember the excellent services you provided and how happy they were with the results.  Don’t lose touch!!

§  Ask for referrals in a positive and proactive manner.

§  Make sure clients, colleagues and personal contacts know about anything new that is happening with your businesses.  If you have new products, hired an expert in a specific area or even if you have done continuing education.

§  Select a frequency for asking for referrals and develop a system to remind you.  Experience indicates that asking for referrals 2 or 3 times a year is not offensive and could be very productive for you.

§  When you have a special event or party for your business invite clients and colleagues to bring people they know who might be interested in your services.

§  Always show appreciation to and thank the people who provide referrals.

When cultivating referral sources, realize that most people who send referrals your way do so for a variety of reasons, but above all, they recommend you for the following two reasons:  FRIENDSHIPS and TRUST.
People like to help people they like and believe in. Take time to get to know those in the platinum and gold levels of your database and to let them get to know you. Share the vision you hold for your business. Let them catch your enthusiasm and buy into your dream. The result will be a vested interest in your success and the desire to help you achieve your goals.

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