Monday, January 9, 2012

Do You Have A Clear Vision For Your Business????

A common quality that all successful leaders have is  a clear and exciting vision for the future. This is something that only the leader of a business or organization can develop. Only the leader can envision the future and plan for it  each day.

Successful leaders take the time to think through and develop a clear picture of where they want their business or organization to be in one, three and five years. Leaders have the ability to communicate this vision in such a way that others "buy into it" and eventually share their common vision.

It is the vision of future possibilities, of what the business can achieve, that arouses emotion and motivates people to give their best. The most powerful vision is qualitative, aimed at and described in terms of values and mission  Then to put to put together a quantitative outlook that presents the vision in terms of money and numbers.

Financial forecasts for your business are vital, but the commitment to a common vision and to make that vision into a reality is far more exciting. Positive focus will create the business you envision. Negativity drains the energy from it and puts roadblocks in front of your efforts to achieve success. 

A positive leader who is calm and collected creates a business vision and makes it a reality.  A recent Stanford Business School study showed that the two most important qualities required for success in leading a business are, first,  the ability to put together a cohesive team and, as a leader, to be a functioning part of that team.  A key part of a leaders job is to select the members of this team, set objectives, delegate responsibility and be part of the process to get the job done.

The second quality key to a leader’s success was found to be the ability to function well under pressure, especially in a time of crisis. Keeping your cool in a crisis means to practice patience and self-control under difficult and/or disappointing circumstances.  The character and quality of a leader is often demonstrated in these critical moments when under fire.  It is at these times that everyone is watching, observing and privately taking notes about your performance.

To start the process of developing a clear vision of where you want your business to go and how you intend to get there is to develop a business plan.  Access where your business currently is, what has been successful and what has not.  Then think about what your business will look like in three to five years. 

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