Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Start The New Year Off On The Right Track….Get A Professional Marketing Plan

A marketing plan is a blue print for the marketing activity necessary to achieve the goals set out for a business.  Well-developed marketing plans are invaluable to a businesses success.  A good plan will target available resources in the most efficient and effective way to enable the business to achieve its objectives.  There is no better time than the beginning of the year to develop business and marketing plans to achieve these goals.

Here is a snapshot of some of the components that are part of an effective marketing plan:

1.  Define Your Business:
     - What is your mission?
     - How do you go about achieving this mission?
     - Who are your customers and what are your sales channels?
     - What makes your business unique and sets it apart from your competitors?

2.  Define Your Objectives:
      -These may include one or all of the following -
           Ø  Increasing sales from existing customers
               Ø  Getting new customers
               Ø  Increasing profitability
               Ø  Launching new products or services
               Ø  Moving into new geographical areas or opening up new markets
               Ø  Raising awareness of the business or brand
               Ø  Developing new distribution channels

3.  Identify Your Target Markets:
     -Types of customers or clients that your products or services will be sold 

4.  Develop Timeframes:
     -Break down the achievement of the objectives by timescale
     -Set out what needs to be achieved in the short, medium and long term

5.  Marketing Methods:
     -Tactics could include:
          Ø  Direct Marketing
             Ø  Graphic design (logo, brochures, leaflets, point of sale)
             Ø  On-line marketing
             Ø  Search engine optimization
             Ø  Public relations
             Ø  Sales promotions
             Ø  Channel marketing

     - Factors that decide which marketing tactics will be most effective include:
          Ø  Available budget
             Ø  The nature of the type of target market
             Ø  Main sales points of the business
   Ø  Services and products
             Ø  Competitor activity
             Ø  Market conditions
             Ø  Availability of suitable media

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